Why a Family Portrait Session Makes a Great Present...For Yourself

It’s Christmas! Here at Kingshill we can hardly believe it. In fact, for a while there we were in denial, but now with Shakin’ Stevens on the radio and tinsel popping up all over our social media feeds, it’s time to acknowledge that the festive season is well and truly upon us. So for this post, we thought we’d share why a family portrait session makes a great present… for yourself!

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And so with the big day fast-approaching, our thoughts are turning to gifts. What to buy for our nearest and dearest? And how to strike that elusive balance between thoughtful, affordable and something the recipient will truly appreciate?

It’s difficult buying for others, but there is one person you can treat without worrying if they’re going to love it: yourself. Yes, it’s the season for giving, but parents have a tendency to forget themselves over the Christmas period. Remember this: you’re worth treating, too!

 1)    Just because. You have a beautiful family, and time with them is so precious. Believe me, I know how quickly it passes. Having some professional photographs taken to mark a special occasion - a birthday, anniversary, a move to ‘big school’, or simply another year passing - turns those memories into something more tangible and durable: photos that can be framed, displayed and pored over for years to come. I’ve written more about this topic on this very blog, but in short my reasons are - well, just because.

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2)    Getting everyone in the frame. We take more photos now than ever, whipping out our camera phones at every opportunity. But a professional photoshoot elevates things; rather than a blurry shot snapped in haste and then consigned to cloud storage or a camera roll filled with thousands of other (blurry) images, you’ll have a selection of high-quality photographs where the lighting and editing is perfect and everyone looks their best. And the crucial word there? Everyone. Parents aren’t just guilty of forgetting themselves at Christmas; they’re also guilty of forgetting to get photos where they’re in the frame, too.

3)    Two - or even three - gifts in one. The magic is only just getting started when you arrive for your photoshoot at Kingshill studios. After the fun of your session - and I’m told repeatedly (and gratefully!) that they are a lot of fun - you get beautiful photographs to print, frame or turn into some other kind of artwork for your walls - two gifts in one. You also have the opportunity to turn these into gifts for other people (grandparents, for example) - three gifts in one. If that’s not the spirit of Christmas, I don’t know what is!

So that’s it, why a family portrait session makes a great present… Want to receive the gift of beautiful memories this Christmas? Get in touch.

professional family photographer aberdeen