Kingshill Studios Newborn Sessions FAQs

So you’ve booked your newborn session - congratulations! What’s next? Well, if this is your first family photoshoot, you probably have a question or two, so here we’ll answer some of the queries we’re asked most frequently about our newborn sessions.

Ready? Let’s go...

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

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Before your photoshoot, we’ll speak on the phone and then email over some advice about the morning of the photoshoot. We suggest that you try to keep your little one awake beforehand so that once you arrive we’ve got a good chance of capturing some snuggly, sleepy photos. However, babies have their own ideas (!) and we often have visits from wee cuties who are determined to keep their eyes open!

In short, don’t panic. Our sessions are completely baby-led and last long enough to give us plenty of time to attempt a mixture of awake and sleepy shots. I’ve trained with some of the world’s leading newborn photographers and I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to try to lull even the most sleep-resistant babies off to sleep…!

It might be that we start with family and sibling shots, do some wide awake pictures with baby looking lovely and alert, then have a play and a feed and try again. Our top priority is for you to have a completely stress-free experience, so please, please don’t worry about what you baby does - or doesn’t - do on the day of the shoot. We’re very happy to go with your baby’s flow.

Can I bring my older children?

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Of course - the more the merrier! Sibling shots are some of my favourites. If you’re bringing older brothers and/or sisters along, we try to take those sibling/family photos first - this means that the older ones are free to relax afterwards – or even head away with daddy or granny -  and  we can then focus 100% on the new addition.

You might also want to consider bringing along some quiet activities the older ones can get stuck into afterwards - a new magazine, some colouring books, an audiobook to listen to or tablet to play on with headphones - to help keep them occupied while I’m fussing over the baby.

Why are newborn sessions so long and what will we be doing during that time?

Every newborn session is different. With some families, we capture the images we’re after effortlessly, whereas with others it takes a little more time. Babies, especially newborns, are unpredictable and we don’t want to force anything - your Kingshill session should be a joyful experience, not a stressful one! In short, to deliver that relaxing, tranquil atmosphere we need time. 

In terms of what you’ll do, the answer is hopefully relax! Mums and Dads often expect the session to be more full-on than it actually is; however, after we’ve captured some images of you together, we encourage you to get a tea or a coffee and put your feet up!

What should we wear?

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I’ve written a whole blog post on this very subject - feel free to have a read. I’ve even put together some Pinterest boards with some wardrobe inspiration. However, the Golden Rules for a newborn photoshoot are think comfortable, think complementary and think natural.

Will I need to take props with me?

We have plenty of props here at Kingshill, depending on the type of photographs you’re looking for. Feel free to discuss your ideas with us in advance and make sure you check out our Instagram feed to see what we have and get inspired!

What about feeding and changing baby?

Babies get hungry and need to have their nappies changed and - **shock horror!** - that doesn’t always happen to a schedule. We understand completely that we’ll need to take lots of breaks to make sure that your wee one is happy and comfortable. It really isn’t a problem - just make sure you have your usual stash of nappies and wipes (plus a couple of changes of clothes - accidents happen!) as well as formula/pumped milk if applicable and feel free to make use of our facilities.   You are, of course, welcome to breastfeed in the studio.

Have we covered everything? If you’ve got a burning question about a newborn shoot or you’d like to book your own, you can get in touch with us here. We look forward to welcoming you and your little one to Kingshill Studios soon!

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