Our predictions for popular baby names in 2019, plus unusual baby names we love!

Is it just me or do you get excited when the annual baby names lists come out?!

baby names in 2019

Baby days may be a distant memory for me now (Spencer recently turned 18), but I can’t resist a peek when they’re published. I find it fascinating watching my own kids’ names climb up and down the charts and checking out the latest trends for the new year.

We can only guess at what the most popular baby names for 2019 will be but based on previous lists we can have a good guess - and throw some of our own favourites into the mix for good measure!

So, without further ado, this is what Kingshill Studios predicts will be the best of the best baby names this year...

Top baby names in 2019

Classic names

There’s no shifting these classics out of the charts, especially for the girls!

According to the most recent U.K. list, the ever-popular Olivia and Amelia are still on top, with Emily, Ava and Isabella not far behind.

Perennial favourite Oliver held strong in the top spot for boys, with Harry, George, Noah and Jack also high in the top ten. We think Leo will climb higher this year, and the newly-regal spelling of Meghan is bound to see a resurgence!

baby names in 2019

Celebrity trends

Speaking of Royals, Pippa Middleton gave birth to baby Arthur late last year and we reckon this already popular old-school name will climb even higher up the charts in 2019.

We think nicknames Artie or Art are particularly cute for a little boy! TV star Christina Lampard and her famous footballer husband Frank also caused a spike in popularity for the name Patricia after welcoming their little girl in September last year. 

We wonder if this might kick-start a trend for some other long-lost names of the twentieth century. Is it time to revisit Janet, Joyce and Julie?

TV icons

You can’t have missed the impact popular TV programmes have had on the baby name statistics.

Game of Thrones has inspired parents across the world to name their kids after heroic characters like the sword-wielding warrior Arya and dragon queen Daenerys. And with the final season of the show airing in April, we can’t see the trend for choosing unusual baby names slowing down anytime soon.

baby names in 2019

But what other new shows might inspire baby names in 2019? 

We like Beck (from Netflix thriller You), or how about Roland (True Detective), Malorie (Sandra Bullock’s character in Birdbox) or Sabrina (Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)?

What’s on your list of baby names in 2019?

We hope you’ve found some name inspiration, whether you’re looking to keep it classic or try something more adventurous! And if you’ve got a little person on the way, we’d love to know what names are on your baby name shortlist! Let us know your favourite baby girl names and baby boy names in the comments below.

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baby names in 2019